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Caleb Chisom Scholarship

Caleb was an avid reader and a diligent student in all of his homeschool subjects. Growing up in a rural community in Virginia, he developed a great love for the outdoors and for all the activities that a boy his age could enjoy.

However, there was one subject and activity that Caleb enjoyed above all others–drawing. Even at the age of 3, Caleb would sit quietly for hours, pencil in hand, drawing pictures. The dominant request at his birthday was always for more art supplies.

Having accepted the Lord as his personal Savior at the age of 7, Caleb grew in his love for Christ. His primary goal was to attend Bob Jones University to receive a degree in art. At age 13, Caleb formulated a plan to earn the funds for college; he certainly was not afraid of hard work to achieve a special goal.

However, the Lord had some different plans for Caleb, and through it all He showed Himself faithful. In 2001, at the age of 9, Caleb was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Following surgery and treatments, he recovered and resumed his enthusiasm for learning and for art. Then in 2005 he was diagnosed with a second brain tumor that was inoperable. On July 18, 2006, at age 14, Caleb went home to be with his Lord and Savior.

Tax-deductible gifts to the Caleb Chisom Scholarship may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or made online.

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James A. Martin Scholarship

The James A. Martin Scholarship Fund has been set up in memory of a godly BJU professor who prepared graduates to be principled and to see the business world as a great mission field—the “ministry of business.”


These components of a BJU education are reflected through our outstanding business graduates. BJU’s godly and exceptional faculty dedicate themselves to transforming next-generation leaders to reflect and serve Jesus Christ.

Your gift to the James A. Martin Scholarship Fund will provide vital scholarship assistance to worthy business students who have great financial need.

Our business graduates make a difference for eternity in their homes, churches, communities and vocations. You can make a difference by helping provide greater opportunities for students to grow and learn through a biblically faithful, liberal arts education.

Will you join us in supporting next-generation leaders in business and invest in eternity?

Tax-deductible gifts to the James A. Martin Scholarship may be made payable to BJU, Inc or made online.

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Allen Jacobs Scholarship Fund

BJU has established an annual scholarship for a Criminal Justice student in memory of Greenville police officer Allen Jacobs. The scholarship will be awarded to a criminal justice student each year at the Criminal Justice Challenge Coin Ceremony during Commencement week.

All gifts to the Allen Jacobs Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible.

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Jonna Carper Scholarship Fund

The Jonna Carper Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Jonna Carper–a long-time BJU faculty member in the School of Education–by her husband, Al Carper.

The purpose of the Jonna Carper Scholarship Fund is three-fold.

1. To assist the School of Education’s Teachers for Tomorrow program in identifying and nurturing high school juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing a teaching career through a degree at BJU.

2. To provide assitsance to financially challenged students in BJU’s School of Education.

3. To assist teachers to come to BJU for additional summer training.

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This scholarship, established by Debra Anderson Miller in memory of her mother, Dorothy Anderson, is for financially needy students studying nursing who will serve in a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or community setting.

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This scholarship, established by Don and Tammie Jacobs in memory of their son, Donny, is awarded to rising Junior Nursing students who demonstrate a high level of nursing skills during their sophomore hospital practicum.

Tax-deductible gifts to the Donny Jacobs Nursing Scholarship may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or through our online giving form.

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This scholarship, established by Priscilla Wheeler in memory of her husband, Edwin Wheeler, provides financial assistance to students in healthcare related majors.

Tax-deductible gives to the Edwin Wheeler Memorial Endowment may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or through our online giving form.

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Dr. Tom Lamb, professor of science at Bob Jones University, has established the Esther Ladies Scholarship in honor of his wife, Mary Esther Lamb, Dr. Lamb desires to see financial aid given to financially needy women who are pursuing a premed degree or studying in the field of medicine, nursing, or other related fields and who desire to further the Gospel of Christ in countries other than the United States.

The Lambs have put action where their heart is. Both Dr. and Mrs. Lamb have spent numerous summers in China, training young people in medicine while striving zealously to share the Gospel. It will be a joy to see others follow in their footsteps.

Tax-deductible gifts to the Esther Ladies Scholarship may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or made online.

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This scholarship, established by David Boyd in memory of his parents, Jesse and Edith Boyd, provides assistance to financially needy students studying for the ministry, particulary those enrolled in the BJU Seminary.

Tax-deductible gifts to the Jesse and Edith Boyd Scholarship Endowment may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or through our online giving form.

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Established by Dr. T. Walter and Christine Brashier to assist both undergraduate and graduate students in a course of study leading to a degree in church related vocation, especially preaching and missions.

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To honor the legacy of Dr. Marshall P. Neal and his passion for the work of God, the Marshall P. Neal Scholarship has been established to assist financially needy young men who are training to serve as pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, or missionaries of the Gospel. Particular attention is given to post-graduate students.

Dr. Neal dedicated 50 years of his life to serving the Lord as a professor at BJU and mentoring and training hundreds of young men for the ministry. He also served as dean of the School of Religion from 1964 to 1978.

Tax-deductible gifts to the Neal Scholarship may be made payable to BJU, Inc. or through our online giving form.

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This scholarship, given by Gilbert and Lorraine Misner in memory of their daughter, Denise J. Misner, is for financially needy students who are preparing for Christian service and who are employed during their education.

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In order to perpetuate the Gustafsons’ legacy of artistry in the service of God’s glory, the Dwight and Gwen Gustafson Music Scholarship Endowment was established to provide scholarships to students enrolled in the BJU Division of Music academic programs and/or ensembles who demonstrate both a strong musical potential and a commitment to glorifying the Lord and serving others through music. Scholarship funds provide recipients the opportunity to study with BJU’s highly qualified Christian faculty as they develop their vision for pursuing and sharing the beauty of God through musical excellence and redemptive artistry in church ministries, schools, and other vocational careers and communities around the world.

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This scholarship, established by Mr. Tom Stitt and Mrs. Jan Kissimon in memory of Tom’s mother, Mary Alice Stitt, is for financially needy students studying percussion, piano or strings in the Division of Music with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.