Alumni Giving Tree

Join us on December 1, 2023 from 4-9 p.m. as BJU continues its annual Christmas Celebrations.

Thousands of sparkling lights will be illuminated on front campus when the community gathers for our Greenville holiday tradition.

About the Alumni Giving Tree

BJU Alumni Relations will continue our tradition of fellowship around the Alumni Giving Tree located near the Alumni Christmas Market tent in the M&G parking lot.

Over the years, thousands of dollars have been donated to support members of our alumni community in need.

Donations will be accepted through Monday, January 8, 2024.

2023 Giving Tree Recipients

David and Bethany Wallace are 2016 graduates who currently reside in Pennsylvania with their four children- two boys and two girls who are five years old and younger. Last year, they noticed some abnormal regression in their young daughter, Charlotte. Motor skills and tasks that should have been simple were becoming difficult and then seemingly impossible for her to achieve. After taking her to many specialists, the doctors concluded at the end of July 2023 that Charlotte had a rare form of Battens disease, a terminal disease that affects young children and tremendously shortens their lifespan. Since Charlotte, now 2 years old, has the rarest form of this disease, her expected lifespan is also the shortest– doctors estimate Charlotte will die around age 5. After receiving this heartbreaking news, Bethany and David wanted their other 3 children tested. Their two sons, Nathaniel (5) and Jayson (3), do not have Battens disease, but their 6-month-old daughter, Sophie, has also been diagnosed with the same rare form of Battens disease as her sister, Charlotte.  

During what almost anyone would describe as a devastating prognosis, David and Bethany testify that, “God has given peace beyond our understanding.” While speaking with members of the Alumni Relations department, David reflected that, “with the right perspective, we trust God is going to heal them completely whether here on earth or in heaven.” David and Bethany both expressed particular gratitude for the sweet reminder of truth that came in the form of a song published by Majesty Music– “God is always, only good.”

BJU alumni and friends can tangibly support the Wallace family this Christmas season. Due to the extensive medical costs and the overwhelming nature of this trial, this family needs the financial generosity and the prayers of our BJU community.  David and Bethany specifically asked us to pray for:

  • Healing in God’s perfect plan
  • For the Lord to use this journey to bring their sons, Nathaniel and Jayson, to a saving knowledge of Him.
  • For witnessing opportunities as they interact with many medical professionals– David and Bethany now refer to doctor’s appointments as “mission trips.”

We can also financially support the Wallace family.  During the Christmas Celebration on December 1, we hope to see you in person at the Giving Tree exhibit located near the Alumni Christmas Market tent in the M&G parking lot. You can also donate below.

Donations will be accepted through Monday, January 8, 2024.