Mrs. Jean Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Audas
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Bolyard
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Boyd Sr.
Mr. William J. Bunch
Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Carlson
City of Greenville, SC
Clearwater Christian Foundation
CUI Charitable Fund
D&D Leadership Inc
Delmarva Educational Association
Dersch Family Foundation Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Edwards Jr.
The Elliott Family Charitable Fund
Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. Ensminger
Estate of Michael C Timma
Estate Of Robert Shirer Weeks
Estate of Susan L. Jacox
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Harbaugh
The Hess Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Heusinger
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn G. Heusinger
Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Hodges*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Johns*
Ms. Carol A. Keirstead
Mr. Joseph C. Kern
LtCol. and Mrs. Ronald G. Klass
Mr. Stephen C. Koelsch
Mr. and Mrs. Adam G. Krawiec
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Y. LaFitte
The Rev. and Mrs. Patrick R. Milbank
The J Nagelkirk Giving Fund
Mrs. Anne Overton
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Pilcher*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerold L. Rexroad
Jerry & Robin Rexroad Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Riddle
Mrs. Sherri L. Scalzo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schell
South Carolina Research Authority (SACT)
The Spinx Company Inc
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Verdin
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Whitfield*
The Wilson Paradox Foundation Inc
Mr. Billy W. Wood
Mr. David W. Yeakel Jr.