Homecoming Student Fundraiser

Lily Pad: A Soft Place to Land

Across the United States, 391,000 children and youth are in foster care. 3,900 of those children live in South Carolina.

Every day, nationwide, children spend time in the Department of Social Services (DSS) office buildings waiting for permanent placement in a foster or adoptive home. The waiting period can often stretch from hours into days.

Some children even spend months in and out of the offices with no permanent place to call home. These children have very few comforts during that waiting period. During daytime hours, they are often limited to their case manager’s cubicle. In the evenings, many sleep on air mattresses while they wait overnight.

Lily Pad creates spaces that are

Lily Pad volunteers are building comfortable temporary living spaces, within the DSS offices, for children to feel loved and valued during an uncertain time. 

We invite you to join BJU students in meeting their goal of $5,000 to create one Lily Pad space and give children in foster care a “Soft Place to Land.”

Goal: $5,000

Raised: $6,500

Donations will be accepted through October 13th.