Living & Learning Capital Campaign

We live in the spaces where we learn and learn in the spaces where we live.

Why Living and Learning?

Living on our campus today is vastly different from when the residence halls were built as no-frills sleeping quarters.


Now, students say the number one place where they want to study, relax and socialize is their dormitory.


Many students, unable to find those spaces in the residence halls, feel driven off campus to gather socially and study.

Creating Community in the Residence Halls

The Den was created in the heart of campus to foster a relaxed atmosphere, enhance the student experience and promote community.


It was so successful that students want these same kinds of community spaces in and around their residence halls. Creating these spaces will better meet the living and learning needs of today’s students.

Will you consider giving to the
Living & Learning Capital Campaign
to renovate the freshman residence halls,
R.K. Johnson (men) and Mary Gaston (women)?

This renovation will create appealing indoor and outdoor spaces for students that will shape culture, promote collaboration, build community and enhance student life. The renovated spaces will be available to all students.


Renovating these residence halls will be a catalyst for greater student success by creating a more effective study environment and by harnessing the power of community where students can develop their highest potential for God’s glory.

Our Inspiration

Living & Learning Campaign Progress

$5.5m Committed of $5.5m
$5.5 of $5.5m