Opportunity Scholars Program

What is the Opportunity Scholars Program?

In 2016, the Bridge Scholars Program was launched to assist American minority students, and in May of 2021 the first 12 students under the scholarship graduated from BJU. In October 2020, the Bridge Scholars Program was renamed the Opportunity Scholars Program, because at its very essence, it is about giving an opportunity to those who have not always had access to Christian higher education.

Making a difference


Currently, 12.8% of our student body is from the American minority population. We want to see this percentage grow at BJU to more accurately reflect the college population.


Many minority students face insurmountable odds and without extra help, they will not be able to afford attending college. We realize these talented and hard-working students will receive help from somewhere—and we want it to be from BJU.


As part of this program, roughly 45 American minority students are helped each year. We want to continue to see the number of Opportunity Scholars on campus grow.

Help us meet the needs of minority students.