Timothy and WORLD Funds

The Timothy and WORLD Funds support international BJU students who want to return to their home countries for the sake of the Gospel.

Timothy Fund

The Timothy Fund specifically provides for international ministry students who desire to return to their home country, plant churches, and spread the Gospel. This fund enables carefully selected, worthy young men from the Third World, who are called to preach, to come from other nations to BJU.

The Timothy Scholarship Program is funded in three ways: regular monthly offering of the faculty and staff, offering and honoraria received by Dr. Jones III when he is preaching away from campus, and gifts from concerned individuals and organizations (churches, mission boards, etc.).


This fund helps bring qualified students from foreign lands to BJU to receive a Christian education and then return to their homeland better equipped to serve the Lord in all walks of life.

The WORLD Fund is funded through donations. Dr. Jones III’s original intent was that believers around the world would give, on the occasion of their birthday, one dollar for every year they have been in the world. We also receive regular gifts from concerned individuals and organizations (churches, mission boards, etc.) who desire to take part in training men and women from other countries to spread the gospel.